When you’re looking for hair accessories Harlequin makes an extensive selection.
It’s all about the finishing touches and our range of hairbands, fascinators, slides, bows, roses and veils all made in your fabric, are unique!
Have a look at a few samples below and if you have a specific request then please get in touch

fabric required for headbands: 46 x 15cm cut on the bias

wide hairband 5cm


standard hairband 1.5cm


narrow hairband 3cm


Frog Fastners

Dog (or cat!) Collar

Dog or cat collar made in your fabric available with or without matching bow.
Adjustable neck band made to your measurement.
25mm width band for dogs and 10mm for cats.
Send 60cm x 5cm fabric for the collar and 25cm x 50cm for a bow.

£15 plain collar
£25 with bow

Double Hair Bow A

c. 22 x 15cm
top bow fabric 30 x 45cm
bottom bow fabric 30 x 45cm

Double Hair Bow B

c. 10 x 8cm
fabric top 20 x 20cm
fabric bottom 20 x 20cm

Small Hair Bow C

25 x 25cm

Lou Lou hair bow

c. 16 x 19cm
top 45 x 25cm
bottom 45 x 25cm

Large Hair Bow D

c. 17 x 10cm
fabric: 25 x 50cm twice


Shoe Bow A

fabric 30 x 23cm

Shoe Rosette

fabric 30 x 23cm

Shoe Bow B

fabric 30 x 23cm

Large Rose A

c. 10cm across
fabric: 13 x 130cm

Large Rose B

c. 13cm across
fabric: 13 x 130cm

Small Rose

c. 7cm across
fabric: 7 x 50cml

Button Backs

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